Foster your growth with a strong SSOT.

Data Engineering

Establish a reliable data foundation (SSOT) and streamline data flow across systems for accuracy and accessibility.

Jeroen & Donny discussing the data landscape
Thijs and Pim pair programming
Donny programming with terminals open
Jeroen & Donny looking at a dashboard
Jeroen and Max discussing data around a laptop

Create a data warehouse using modern tools and best practices, saving time and money

Using modern ingestion tools like Airbyte, and transformation tools like DBT, we build data pipelines in a fraction of the time.

Extract, load and transform internal and external data sources using modern tools. Enrich your data and your capabilities.
Data warehouse and Lake.
Build an OLAP database, a single source of truth for all of your data.
Data Modeling.
Build data models, e.g. a star schema, as a foundation for analytics.
Schematic of the data engineering lifecycle.

“Little was needed to get the BiteStreams team up and running on the project, of which they took ownership from the get-go. Communication was clear and any hurdles were solved in no time. They transferred their knowledge well, ensuring we can continue becoming more data-driven in the future.”

Philip Høeg Kildegaard
COO of NextPax

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Delegate your entire data infrastructure to us, or enhance the capabilities of your in-house team with our expert assistance. You decide the mode of engagement that aligns with your objectives.

Data Team
You can trust us to manage the entire process, handle all aspects, and report directly to you.
Data Project
We build a data product (BI, Data Pipeline, AI) for you to truly autonomously manage and utilize.
Data Audit
What are the right steps get you closer to the truth? We will hand over a report within a few weeks.
Data Advisory
Get ongoing step-by-step advice.

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Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
Apache Spark

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