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About us

BiteStreams is a team of result-driven data experts with a broad background in Mathematics, AI and software. We are always eager to learn about the newest technologies and theories, but at the end of the day we excel in shipping valuable solutions to production.

Our Team

Founded in 2021 in Amsterdam, BiteStreams is an initiative started by two experienced developers with a background in artificial intelligence and mathematics.

  • Donny Peeters

    Data Architect

    Donny is a mathematician who started freelancing as a software/data engineer before co-founding BiteStreams. He can quickly spot design quirks and adapt systems to business needs. In his free-time he likes to work out, read and grab a drink with friends.

  • Maximilian Filtenborg

    Machine Learning Engineer

    Maximilian is a machine learning enthusiast, experienced software engineer, and co-founder of BiteStreams. In his free time he listens to electronic music and is into photography.

  • Pim Hordijk

    Backend Developer

    Pim likes to program in Python all day, every day. He has a background in computer science, and is a minimalist at heart. When not behind the computer he likes to run, go out for dinner, and meet up with friends.

  • Thijs Blom

    Backend Developer

    Besides his work at BiteStreams Thijs is a Computational Science student and loves diving deep into a problem to unravel its complexity. His other passion in life is ballroom dancing.

  • Jeroen van Putten

    Head of Business Development

    Jeroen gets his energy from dealing with people and problems. Given a background in venture capital and founder experience in an AI startup, he knows how to tackle (digital) business problems. In his free time he likes to run marathons and play golf.

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