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Full Stack Datateam on Demand

Build a data platform and become more data driven as a company. Organise and model your data and systems to create a single source of truth (SSOT).

Jeroen & Donny discussing the data landscape
Thijs and Pim pair programming
Donny programming with terminals open
Jeroen & Donny looking at a dashboard
Jeroen and Max discussing data around a laptop

The Project Lead

Decide on a Data Strategy together

Unlock your organization's full potential with a strategic data approach. Together with our experts we analyse opportunities, address data challenges, and recommend cutting-edge solutions. We develop a roadmap and implementation plan to ensure success.

Business Goals.
Define short-term and long-term opportunities to be tackled with data.
Assess the current capabilities and maturity of your data management and analytics.
Propose new capabilities, processes and technologies to reach the business goals.
Plan a roadmap and a rollout model. Start small and think big.
A schematic of a process to create a sound data strategy.

The Data Engineer

Build your Data Infrastructure

Lay a solid data foundation with efficient data engineering. Leverage advanced tools to streamline processes and maximize cost-efficiency in this dynamic field.

Extract, load and transform internal and external data sources using modern tools. Enrich your data and your capabilities.
Data warehouse and Lake.
Build an OLAP database, a single source of truth for all of your data.
Data Modeling.
Build data models, e.g. a star schema, as a foundation for analytics.
Schematic of the data engineering lifecycle.

The Analytics Engineer

Implement Advanced Analytics

Unlock business potential with data-driven analytics. Stop relying only on intuition with data-informed decision-making.

Embedded Analytics.
Provide your customers with extra features and insights.
Business Intelligence.
Optimise your business and make data-informed decisions.
Operational Analytics.
Improve the usability, uptime and performance of your IT solutions.

The ML Engineer

Employ Machine Learning & Scientific Modelling

Automate critical business processes with ML use cases. Harness your valuable data to optimize key operations and gain a competitive edge.

Explore and prove the value of an ML use-case.
Bring machine learning into production and automate your business.
Combine DevOps and ML to get the maximum value out of your ML use cases.

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Software Engineering brought to Data

Our Expertises

We bring our software engineering expertise to the data field, ensuring highly flexible and qualitative solutions.

Manage access control to data & systems.
Data Management.
Data modelling, data governance (discoverability, definitions, accountability) and data integrity.
Data Ops.
Excellent operations: CI/CD, Infrastructure-as-code, observability, monitoring and incident reporting.
Data Architecture.
Analyze trade-offs, design for agility and add value to the business.
Coordinate workflows, schedule jobs and manage tasks.
Software Engineering
Programming and coding skills, software design patterns, testing and debugging.

Expertise in proven technologies

Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
Apache Spark

“I want to thank the BiteStreams team, and especially Donny Peeters & Maximilian Filtenborg, for delivering our tailored ‘performance analytics solution’ that will add a lot of value to our NextPax customers!”

Erik Engel
CEO, NextPax

Our track record speaks for itself

All of the companies we work with come back for additional iterations.

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